I have recently set up my own business as a painter and decorator and I’m looking for good quality printers in London.  I would like to start advertising my business and services to people in the South London area.

 I have been a painter and decorator for more than five years now and have decided to work for myself, as I feel the time is right for me. Having your own business is really stressful, but I love what I do.  It’s great being your own boss, it gives you great flexibility and means you get to make all the decisions.

The business is fairly small, but it’s doing really well. I have a lot of work on right now. I’m hoping to find a decent printer in London that can design me some really nice stuff. I would like my own stationery like business cards, letterheads, leaflets, envelopes, flyers, pens and self-adhesive labels. I would like some help with the logo and branding. I feel having the right design and image will send out a professional message to would be clients.

 If anyone could recommend any reputable and good quality printers in London I would really appreciate that. If you are thinking of setting up your own business, my advice is to go for it, if it’s something you are really passionate about then you should really do it and not be put off by the current financial climate or what others sa