My husband and I have been looking for printers in Northampton. We have set up a small business from home, which specialises in hand-made luxury soaps and bath treats.

 I make all of the products myself in my workshop in Northampton.  The soaps and treats are organic and are made with only the purest natural ingredients. 

Each soap is wrapped in recycled and sustainably sourced paper/card; everything is packed by hand and wrapped individually too.  The scent and the ingredients leave your skin silky smooth and smelling of heaven.

 I am hoping to start marketing and selling my products online.  I would like to find a professional printer in Northampton who could help me with this, as well as arranging my stationery including all my marketing materials. The printing firm must have an environmental and waste policy that reflects my business.

 I am hoping I will have my website up and running this week just in time for Christmas. I am very excited and so is my husband, he looks after all the paperwork and the finance side of the business and leaves me to the creative side. Just hope we can find a good printer in Northampton who can help us with our new business