When my daughter was getting married she asked me to take on the organisation of several things. One of those things was the invitations. She had no idea what she wanted so basically just left it in my hands, which was interesting.

I ended up thinking up a design and taking it to http://www.printingservicesinbirmingham.co.uk/ to see if they could do anything with it. Thankfully they had an artist on site so he was able to work my sketch up into a real design.

My daughter has a lot of friends, and her husband-to-be is also a popular guy. It meant we needed a lot of invitations. I managed to work out a deal with http://www.printingservicesinbirmingham.co.uk/ where we paid less for the bespoke invitations which we maybe would have done for shop bought ones. It was great.

My daughter and prospective son-in-law loved the invitations too, which was a bonus. Sadly, however, I also had the job of sending them all out…